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            南昌市康潔醫用衛生用品有限公司創建于2001年,是經江西省食品藥品監督管理局和進賢縣工商行政管理局共同審核批準,專業生產一次性使用無菌醫療用品的企業。公司占地面積18000平方米,建筑面積8000平方米,總資產達1800多萬元,其中注冊資金588萬元,固定資產660萬元。公司現有員工300余人,擁有專業技術人員42人,其中高級職稱6人,中級職稱7人,初級職稱29人。本公司生產的主要產品有:一次性使用無菌陰道擴張器、一次性使用陰道沖洗器、一次性使用手術包、一次性使用產包、一次性婦檢包、醫用棉簽、醫用繃帶、醫用紗布塊等醫療衛生用品。本公司秉承“科技創新,以一流的產品,滿意的服務,持續提升的質量水準,滿足顧客及法規要求”的質量方針,建立并保持了一整套完善的質量管理體系,從原材料的采購到成品的最終投放市場全程執行有效的質量控制,確保了產品的安全有效。 “康潔”牌產品源源不斷地銷往全國30多個省、市、自治區,以其可靠的質量、合理的價格和優質的服務贏得了社會各界和廣大顧客的充分肯定。歷年來曾榮獲質量管理先進企業、執行標準優秀企業等稱號。我們始終堅持"以人為本、質量第一"的管理理念,并將繼續以最優秀的產品、最合理的價格和最優質的服務與您共謀發展。 

            企業精神: 秉承“艱苦創業,開拓創新”為企業精神,以堅持科學管理,確保產品質量,持續改進業績,增進用戶滿意為企業宗旨?禎崋T工以企業精神為準則,高標準,嚴要求,不斷開拓進取,與企業共圖發展。



            Jiangxi Nanchang Kangjie Medical & Sanitary Appliance Co., Ltd, founded in 2001 under the approval of Jiangxi Drug & Food Supervision & Administration Bureau & Jinxian County Industrial & Commercial Administrative Bureau, is professional in manufacturing disposable sterile medial appliances. The company has a floor area of 18,000 square meters and building area of 8,000 square meters. It has a total assets of 18 million RMB with registered capital 5.88 million RMB and permanent assets 6 million RMB. The company now has 350 employees including 42 professional technicians with 6 senior titled, 7 intermediate titled and 29 junior titled.

            The company's product lines include such as disposable sterile vagina dilator, disposable vagina flusher, disposable operation bag, disposable breathing bag, disposable gynecological examination bag, medical mask, medical swab, medical bandage, and medical gauze wool block, etc.

          With the quality policy of 'Technological Innovation, Satisfy customer's requirement and local laws & regulations with top-grade products, nice service and continuously improved quality', the company establishes a set of perfect quality management systems. Its effective implementation of quality control from raw material's purchase to finish goods' distribution to market ensures products' safety. Kangjie brand products are sold to over 30 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions across the country, and win reputation from many clients and various circles of society with reliable quality, reasonable prices and nice service. The company was once titled as 'Quality Control Advanced Enterprise', "Excellent Enterprise of Standard's Implementation, etc.

      The company is always persistent on management concept of 'Man Foremost, Quality First', and will continue to develop together with you with most excellent products, most reasonable prices and nicest service.

      Company Spirit

      With the spirit of 'Pioneer in painstaking efforts, Bring forth with innovation', the company aims at persisting in scientific management, ensuring product quality, continuously improving performance and enhancing clients' satisfaction. Gudided by the company spirit, Kangjie people will constantly forge ahead and develop together with company in high standards and strict requirement.


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